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Freestylin' Jay's Journal

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Freestylin Jay
Born in Miami, forgot everything from before I was 5 when I moved to the mountains of North Carolina, where I lived a sheltered life, playing videogames and messing with writing, art and cooking. I lived in Philadelphia for five years, where I practiced to become a Super-Writing-Artist-Japanese-Speaking-Iron-Chef-Geek-Guy. Went back to North Carolina for five years, then wintered in Maine for a couple of months before heading back to Philly again.

#fret, #fret in-jokes, #fretfiction, animation, anime, art, auron, azumanga daioh, barrel barrel barrel barrel, besaid aurochs, big guy and rusty, björk, blitzball, boa, bombsweeper, booyaka, bork bork, buffalo daughter, cactuars, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, casa del juego, castlevania, cats, chemists, collecting unusual food packages, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, culinary arts, dewprism, dig dug, drawing, dreamcast, duncan sheik, earthsea, ecco the dolphin, everyone else lists "music", farscape, final fantasy, flcl, fritz fraundorf, front mission, fruity luigi, fygar, gay, gay geeks, geoff embree, graphic design, green tea ice cream, guitar vader, haatmadesa, hiroki kikuta, hitoshi sakimoto, hot dog sushi, ico, iron chef, japan, japanese culture, japanese insanity, japanese language, jet grind radio, jet set radio, john hardin, junya nakano, kagu-ai, koji kondo, kuribo's shoe, legend of zelda, let's positive thinking, linguistics, love and peace, lucky dan, maaya sakamoto, mario, masashi hamauzu, metroid, michiru yamane, milkcan, minibosses, misadventures of tron bonne, misty day, remains of the judgement, moogles, moulin rouge, muja yht bayla, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, nobuo uematsu, noodles, omg wtf lol, osu! tatakae! ouendan!, persona, phantasy star online, photographing lights at night, pikmin, playstation, playstation 2, plern, pocky, pooka, pooka x fygar :>, raijin + nida ^_^, rez, rpgs, rufus x door :>, sabotender!!, sam and max, samus aran, sci-fi, scifi, sega, shigeru miyamoto, shin megami tensei, shine get, silent hill, snes, squaresoft, star trek, staying up too late, steampunk, super nintendo, sushi, suzanne vega, television, tetris yaoi, tetsuya nomura, the big o, the standard deviants, threads of fate, toastyfrog, tobal no. 1, total rpg, touch fuzzy get dizzy, typing of the dead, vagrant story, video games, videogame music, videogames, wakka, wasabi, website design, writing, yoko shimomura, yoshitaka amano, yume no mana, zack & wiki

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